Fried lamb w/ cumin 

Fried lamb w/ cumin

Posted on November 27, 2020

A burning lamb dish with spiciness of the cumin and a refreshing texture if you try the cilantro.

Cumin is a perfect matched with lamb especially on barbeque. It is still fascinating to move the technique to the normal pan.


  • 1/2 

    pound lamb

  • tablespoon Cumin seed

  • 100 

    gram Onion

  • 50 

    gram Cilantro

  • 50 

    gram Ginger


  • Step 1: Dice the lamb
  • Step 2: Wash all the ingredients
  • Step 3: Squeeze the ginger into juice
  • Step 4: Add ginger juice (only the juice) into the lamb bowl for marinating, with white-pepper, salt, soy sauce, corn starch
  • Step 5: After mixing them altogether, add the oil that you prefer into the meet and let it smooth
  • Step 6: Dice the cilantro and onion into pieces
  • Step 7: Fry the cumin seed on the pan with extreme low heat until you smell its strong flavor
  • Step 8: Fry the marinated lamb dice in oil (160°C) for 1 minute. Drag the meat out of the oil.
  • Step 9: Turn on the heat until the oil until it turns 180-200°C. Put in the meat for a second round of frying until the meat turns crispy.
  • Step 10: Put the pan on the high heat with a little bit of oil, put in the onions and stir it for 30 seconds - add some soy sauce
  • Step 11: Put in the fried lamb into the pan the stir with high heat. Add the cumin and cilantro. Mix them together.
  • Step 12: Present!