Garlic Chicken Wings w/ Butter 

Garlic Chicken Wings w/ Butter

Posted on May 16, 2020

This is the love of my childhood, now made with an air-fryer!

Who in their childhood wouldn’t love chicken wings? Spicy ones, buttery ones, and even the burned ones. For me the most impressive chicken wings are the ones with garlicky and buttery smell. They are usually made with frying pans - I tried a few times but it did not work well.

This air-fried chicken wings taste way better as it does not require any oil to fry the meet. You can easily achieve the wings with amazoningly-crusty outside and juicy inside.


  • pieces of garlics

  • 6~9 

    Chicken wings

  • 0.5 

    Teaspoon sugar

  • Tablespoon flour

  • Teaspoon butter

  • Teaspoon Black pepper

  • Tablespoon Taco seasoning mix


  • Tablespoon Salt


  • Step 1: Dry out all the chicken wings
  • Step 2: Marinate the chicken wings with salt, black pepper and taco seasoning mix
  • Step 3: Cove the chicken wings with a layer of flour
  • Step 4: Chop all the galics
  • Step 5: Fry half of the grinded garlic slowly in a low heat until it turns into golden color. Now we have half raw garlic with the remaining golden
  • Step 6: Pre-heat the air-fryer to 400 °F
  • Step 7: Put in the chicken wings and air-fry them in 400 °F for 5 mins
  • Step 8: Flip the chicken wings and air-fry them in 400 °F for another 5 mins
  • Step 9: Mix all the galic (raw & golden) with the butter. Mix them all into a paste
  • Step 10: After 10 minutes the wings should be well cooked. Take all the wings out. Have a piece of tinfoil layered at the bottom of the container.
  • Step 11: Put the wings on the tinfoil. Gently place the butter/garlic paste on top of the wings.
  • Step 12: Air-fry for another 2 minutes in 400 °F
  • Step 13: Enjoy!